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My name is Rachan Ballal, and I'm a Sports Fanatic from Bengaluru, India.

I’m a cricketer and have been playing cricket since the age of 9. I have represented various levels in my state of Karnataka. The reason why I play or follow cricket so much today is the 2003 Cricket World Cup where a 6-year-old me saw Sachin Tendulkar play who then became my idol. The next day of the World Cup finals I picked up a bat and started playing and I’ve been playing ever since. Being into Cricket during my childhood, I later started following various sports like football, table tennis, badminton, and athletics - and I’ve played all these at some level or the other. Sport for me is just more than a game on the field because it has taught me various life lessons like how working as a team can actually give you efficient results or how to never give up and to come out of difficult situations. Being a captain during various sports years of my life, I have learned to manage a team and be with your team during victories and during losses no matter what the situation is. My love for playing various sports has also allowed me to follow sports throughout my life. I love understanding and learning a new sport, I try to dig deep into the business aspect of each sport, How do different entities that come together to form a successful sporting team/club? Why do teams succeed or Why do they fail? What does it take to build a successful club? What are the financial aspects of different sporting teams across the world? What are the different marketing strategies sporting organizations have? How do different companies leverage the loopholes in the law to make an immense amount of money? How are players managed?  Whom are they managed by?

I'm in search of answers to plenty of such questions and through this blog, I would be writing various sports business and management-related articles to take everyone through a front as well as behind the scenes of the sporting industry.

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