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UEFA Women's Euro 2022 makes history by being the most watched Women's EURO

Rachan Ballal

26 Jul 2022

The viewership for the UEFA Women's Euro 2022 in England has shot up drastically by up to 58% compared to the previous editions of the event. Alongside the television viewership, the attendance in stadiums to watch the games have shattered all records and have reached unparalleled numbers. Previous edition of the Women's Euro in Netherlands had recorded about 164m total audience, while in the current edition this number has been surpassed already after the quarter-final clash between England and Spain

The UEFA Women's Euro 2022 has also seen a drastically improved number of neutral followers - Person who does not support either one of the teams playing the game currently. During the group stages of the event, 54% of the audience were neutral followers while the rest 46% supported either of the 1 team in action. This metric shows the gain in interest among the general football fans to watch the Women's game of football. In 2017 group stages made up to 47% of viewership by neutral fans while for the first time in history the 50% mark has been breached by the neutral followers.

Fan interaction of 152.4m have been generated during the group stages of the game with TikTok (39.7%) Instagram (26.1%) and Twitter (19.1%) being major social media platforms of engagement. The inaugural match of the tournament between England and Austria was the most socially engaged match of the season

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